(Experimental HTML-art)

What you need:
-> Browser must support 'Style-Sheets'
-> DOS emulation font

Font download:
You can only display the following pages correct with this font. Please download and copy
it to your 'WINDOWS\FONT' directory.('.fon' type)

Thankx for your mails about the problem with the font:
Seem that only Internet Explorer (4,5) can interperet it correct !
Netscape needs a TrueType font and I haven't found a free one.

If you have installed the 'MS Linedraw'- or 'Telix TT Terminal' font you can view the pages without downloading it. They are not optimal, but they support must of the needed characters.

Filename: File size: Information:
Star Trek 38.2 KB (1:1 GIF Version 65 KB)
Lady in latex 29.5 KB -
Marylin Manson 27.7 KB -
Yoshi 26.3 KB Copyright by LESTER

( coming more ...)

The files are created in the same way like normal HTML art. First the ANSI has been saved as text (without ESCSeq.). Then the Text was imported and colored as HTML.

The HTML code has a few special modifications which reduce the file size:
-> 'font color' tag is redefined as 'u' tag (style-sheed, works especially with indexed colors)
-> Some tags aren't closed

A captured(1:1) GIF of the ANSI files would have ca. the double file size. It might be more elegant to use a WebFont which is temorary downloaded and installed after opening the file. I have tried it, but the total incompatibility of Netscape and Microsoft WebFonts makes to much problems (Server must know the MIME of the Webfonts...). 

Used programs:
-> PaintPro (ANSI, Freeware)
-> ASCII Editor (Colored HTML, Freeware)
-> 'Search/Replace' (HTML source modifications, Trial Copy)

IE5 checks the charset of a webpage and downloads automatic the needed components. If you open the following link with IE5 the browser will start to download a component which has a 'IBM extended character' font. The component has more than 1MB and the font is not so good as the above. It might woork with IE4 too, but you need to download and install the component ('Pan-European Language Support') manually.

'Lady in Latex' with 'ibm852'-charset


Thankx to CJR for the info's.

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