The ASCII Pages

First of all : My English isn't very good. Sorry, for this !

I have done this English version because I have received some e-mails from people who couldn't find the pictures and programs on my page. Especially I want to thank the visitors which come from alt.ascii-art for their interest.

I think many of my pictures are not typically for ASCII art. They are very large (up to 12 pages) and have mostly hard contours. The original name of this page is 'ASCII ART AND MORE' because here are many files which break with the ASCII restrictions: HTML- and ANSI-art, normal files with extended characters (German charset, sorry), ... I'm interested in all kind of "TEXT art".

Before you start browsing in one of the areas please read the index files first. This is only a link page and some of the file pages are in German ! They contain important information and may help you to navigate.


and don't forget to use always the ...
the 'BACK' button of your browser
... and not the "zurueck" link (German version) !