Version 1.1

- Windows 95
- min. 800x600 Resolution
- max. 255 colors definable

The program converts pictures (BMP,WMF,...) to ASCII-art (gray scale). It is specialized to pictures with indexed colors !!! In contrast to other converters (Gifscii, BMP2ASCII) this program has more options. You have the possibility to set every color manual. Therefore the max. number of definable colors is 255.

This new Version of the program works with a wizard mode. This makes the usage very simple and the automatic functions allow everybody to work with it. Steps:

  1. Choose a picture
  2. Set the colors
  3. Output and save
  4. Viewer

1.)  Choose a picture

Here you can select the picture which you want to convert. If you want to resize the output ASCII art then you can change the size values.

Click 'NEXT'

2.) Set colors (takes some time to analyze the picture)

On the left table you can see the different colors of the pictures and the conversion characters. The program has tried automatic to find the best character. Nevertheless you will normally change the table. There are 2 possibilities: 1.) You choose a character from the left ASCII table (double click). 2.) Use the keyboard.

Click 'NEXT'

3.) Output and save (takes some time to convert)

The ASCII picture is displayed in a grid. On the left side you can change the save options if need is. If you like the result, you can save it. Otherwise you can go back to step 2.

Click 'NEXT'

4.) Viewer

Here you can see the ASCII art in a normal text editor. If you haven't saved the picture in step 3, then you can do it here (without save options).


Samples: Picturtes with indexed colors.

Other Programs:

ASCII Editor: Windows ASCII/HTML paint and edit program.

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