ANSI View: Special Edition



The program has only one difference to the normal version. It is using a fixed bitmap font instead of a Windows font. You didn't need to search for a ANSI emulation font and there will be no problems with the ratio aspect.
The bitmap font is a 1:1 copy of the DOS font. There will be no wrong displayed characters like in 'Terminal'.

The bitmap font is stored in a pure ASCII file called 'ANSI.btf'. Everybody could create his own font file. Please use the same structure like the original file. Especially:

  • First line: Bitmap width (<21)
  • Second line: Bitmap height
  • Following: ASCII Code + Bitmap
  • Start at Character 32
  • End at character 255
  • All Characters must be defined
  • Save file as 'ANSI.btf' in the program directory.

The download File is smaller as the file of the normal version, because it DID NOT CONTAIN the 'MANY2ONE' Tool !!!



Some people may ask, why I wrote this edition. Here are some parts of emails, people (or should I say JOE) have send to me:

"... I think it would be important to have a built in font, because it looks like the terminal font is the only one with the IBM high character set. I would be willing to work with you to create an ideal font for this program if you can make it built in, or make the program only use the font you supply or the terminal font as an option.

... About the fonts in ANSIVIEW, I can't find a "terminal" font on my computer, it must be in the ansiview executable. In Turbo Pascal, the font drivers are compiled to a TP unit with the graphics drivers.

... If you can get the picture to display so it doesn't look squashed vertically it will be fantastic, because there is good color and it looks as good as DOS.

... I had the same trouble with it that I have with ANSIVIEW, it only uses the top 12lines or so if the font style and size is not right.

... I don't understand how your program showed a Terminal Font, I really don't have a font called Terminal in the Windows\Fonts directory (I will check this out, and try ANSIVIEW some more).

... But I think if the drawing program is written with a built in font, it will be great to use, and will assure that anybody can use it."


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