ASCII Editor Info: Update 1.3/1.4


Save/open dialog:
All file operations use the same dialog now. If there are different operations
possible (Import BMP,...) a second dialog ask for your choice. Drag & Drop support
most known file types.

INI file:
The format has changed. The INI can be edited more easy and more prog. properties
are saved.

Some standard functions of Paint programs (self explaining).

Flip characters:
The character flip functions use a '.dat' file. It can be set in the configuration
dialog.The program code and the standard flip files were supplied by cjr. These
files can be edited with a normal text editor.
(see copyright)

ANSI Functions:
Please note that this program is for ASCII. The ANSI functions are only a
very simple feature.

-> Open ANSI:
   The import of ANSI files has some restrictions:
   - Only cursor and color ESCSequences are supported.
   - Only the last frame of ANSI animation is shown
-> Save ANSI:
   The file isn't written optimized. Please use the 'ANSIfix' tool to optimize
   it (

- Only standard ESCsequences (see DOS Help) are supported.
- ANSI can only be displayed correct, if you choose a font which supports the
  'IBM extended character set'.

If the ratio aspect has changed a second dialog appears:
- Resize   (no new colors calculated)
- Resample (new colors calculated)

Resample always increases the number of used characters.

Other changes:
 - Auto resize of the canvas (copy & paste)
 - Reading font attributes of HTML files
 - Crop, delete columns/rows with colors
 - ...
 - MORE BUGS !? (many (intern) functions have changed)

I always see requests at aaa. about a program which can convert BMP-,JPG-,TIFF-,
GIF-,... to ASCII. ASCIIEditor supports only BMP but it wouldn't be a problem
to implement a unit with most standard graphic formats(~20). I don't like it because
the file size would increase (~200KB). If you convert an other format to BMP
there is no change (compression, de- or increasing colors). Please send me a mail, if you think that other formats should/
shouldn't be supported.

Most new features have been ideas of cjr. Thanks for your help !!!!!!!


The program is more userfriendly now: A progressbar is displayed during
long-time operations, the toolbaricons show hints, buttons and menus have
shortcuts, ...

Solid-art functions:
Set palette: You can decrease the number of used characters of the current
             picture. This is much more easy than changing the bmp2ascii
Brightness : This functions makes the picture more bright or dark.

A built-in program for browsing in you ascii-art folder. Fullscreen mode
is supported.

... in my opinion V1.3 users should only update if they work with solid
art or need the new features.

Thanks to 'Tek' for the tips.