ASCII Editor Info:       Color Menu

NOTE: Update 1.2 has other shortcuts (only color menu) !

Imports the colors of a BMP Graphic and uses them to color the
font or background. The size of the Bitmap is unimportant, because
it is stretched to the actual grid size. Therefore this function is
mainly used to color a image after a BMP2ASCII conversion (of the
same file)

Color dialog:
A separate window with some standard colors and functions. With the
left/right mouse button you can choose the background/foreground color.
If you select a color which isn't available in the current mode a error
message is shown in the statusbar.
If you color a picture with this dialog the paintbar isn't needed (F3)

Color selection:
The standard way to color areas. The selection is always marked blue. If
you haven't selected anything, the actual cell is colored.

Set active font color:
Same function like the colors of the paintbar and dialog. F7 sets the actual
color to the value of the selected cell.

- depending from character:
  Colors all cells with the same character like the actual cell
- depending from color:
  Colors all cells with the same color like the actual cell

Not a real replace function: The characters aren't replaced and only the color
is replaced.
(Same system like the fill function: depending from char./color)

If this option is checked, you can color with the mouse. Hold down the Shift
key and move about the characters. (SLOW)
The second function is, that you can type in characters in the actual color.
The former color is overwritten.

Reset Selection:
Kills the color attributes of the selected area.

Main font color:
Is used in the 'body tag' of the HTML files. For minimal file size you must
select 'Find main font color' before saving (not needed with CSS)

Main background color:
Is used in the 'body tag' of the HTML files.

Flips the foreground and background colors.


Copy/paste with colors:
Slower than the standard function. Exchange with the Win clipboard isn't