ASCII Editor Info: #21 Tips

- Following "longtime2 functions could be aborted by pressing ESC:
  ImportHTML, Found main foreground color, invert, pre-convert to line art.

- You can found a alternative BMP2ASCII library with indexed chars in the
  program directory.

- If you want to save a "HTML plain text" file with attributes you can save it
  as "HTML colored". (Mode 1)

- If you make a BMP2ASCII conversion you found at the top of the resample
  dialog the correct size of the picture depending from the actual font size
  (ratio aspect).

- The canvas dialogs of the BMP2ASCII,BMP2Form,... functions RESAMPLE the
  input picture (new colors calculated).
  If you don't want this (pictures with indexed colors,...) , import the pic
  1:1 and RESIZE it afterward.

- You should work with indexed bitmaps if you use the BMP2Color... functions.
  This will decrease the file size.