ASCII Editor Info: #21 Memory

It is important that you understand the following:


Most programs act in the same way because Windows managed it. Nevertheless you
should be careful with some functions.

1.) Conversion functions:
If you convert a bitmap please think about the resample settings. A 1:1 import
of a 800x600 picture will create a grid with 480000 chars. !

2.) Picture overlay:
Takes away more memory than the file size of the bitmap (+0.5MB). This is the
result of the overlay mode.

3.) BMP2Colorgrid foreground:
You shouldn't import files with too much colors ! It takes memory and the size
of the saved HTML file will increase exponential !!!

4.) BMP2Colorgrid background:
This is a experimental functions which goes to the limit of the program. Please
use it very carefully ! If some grid cells haven't been imported correct this is
a result of demanding too much !

5.) Found main font color:
The problem are the RGB colors. It happens to me one time, that the program
didn't react any longer. Normally it is only a question of time ( can take some
minutes), but if there is no change in the statusbar for more than 2 minutes
you should exit the program.

TIP: If you make one of this operations with a large file, please save it before.