The ASCII art pages

The links bring you direct to my picture pages. I didn't translate this pages because they have all the same simple layout. You found a grid with 5 cols:

Typ : Filetype (Text, html or zip)
Name: Link to the text file
Info: Information about the file

(Pix  : A small "preview" GIF picture)

Line art page:
This page is the my favorite. Most of the files have been created in this way:

Gray scale :
This page isn't updated any longer. The files are simple conversions of a bitmap to a solid ASCII graphic. There are 2 zipped files on the page:


HTML art:
The page contains some colored ASCII art files.
("*" means that the file is very large and you should use a small font and high resolution to view)

Other "text art" related files:

1.) ANSI art:

2.) Form art:

3.) Icons:


5.) GIF "Vorlagen"

6.) ASCII Tools

7.) Other


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