ASCII Editor Info: #21 Known Problems

Following restrictions are no bugs:

- (most) Edit functions didn't consider colors.
- Only plain text printings.
- All special functions didn't read write protected files.
- The convert to line art functions needs a extern library (no intern available)

Known problems:

- (see memory)
- I have had some problems with the cursor and display of the image size. May be
  it happens that the cursor is a hourglass (or the image size isn't updated)
  although the operation has finished. This isn't a real problem. Press "Refresh
  image" and it should be solved. Please mail me the combination of functions
  which you have used.


- "HTML table" files work only with 4.x Browser. Sometimes Netscape Nav. has more
  problems than MS IE.
- I know no way to create HTML files which look at Netscape Nav. and MS IE 100%
    N. Nav.: Body style tag overwrites font style tag
    MS IE  : Font style tag overwrites body style tag
  Normally there are not many visible differences. Nevertheless this prog. creates
  files which are optimized for MS IE.
  => 'HTML table' files will be overworked in the main version.

  (NEW in Update 1.1 : writing small IE tables [special]
   NEW in Update 1.2 : tables with better NN support
   NEW in Update 1.5 : IE tables can be restricted viewed with NN)


- Enter in the configure dialog for the extern libs only the filename (no path). The
  libs MUST be in the program directory.