ASCII Editor Info: #21 Copyright

Author    : Marc Schmitz
Copyright : (c) 1998-2000 by Marc Schmitz, BTS
Homepage  :

This software is copyrighted as noted above.  It may be freely copied provided
that the copyright notice(s) is preserved on all copies and as long as the
address of the resource is included.

There is no warranty or other guarantee of fitness for this software. If you use
this program it is your own risk. Bug reports or fixes may be sent to the author.

Additional copyrights:

1.) Delphi Components

Project:     TStringAlignGrid
Module:      Aligrid
Description: TStringGrid with the possibility to change the alignment of the text
             and to color cells,...
Version:     1.7
Date:        1997-12-07
Target:      Win32, Delphi 2 & 3
Author(s):   Andreas Hoerstemeier
             gelbe Post: Andreas Hoerstemeier
                         Mefferdatisstraße 16-18
                         52062 Aachen
Copyright:   (c) Copyright 1995/97 by Andreas Hoerstemeier
=> Public Domain

Project:     bitmap resampler
Module:      resample
Description: Interpolated Bitmap Resampling using filters.
Version:     01.02
Release:     3
Date:        15-MAR-1998
Target:      Win32, Delphi 2 & 3
Author(s):   Anders Melander,
Copyright:   (c) 1997,98 by Anders Melander
=> Public Domain

Special thanks to Heino Tiedemann for helping me with the System info dialog.

2.) Pattern samples:

From: Ben Goldberg <>

Bricks (angle)
Panneling1 (wood)
Panneling2 (wood)
Panneling3 (wood)
Panneling4 (wood)
From: Hilton Janfield <>

From: (Ilmari Karonen, Iitz)

Background2a (mod.)
From: "David Palmer" <>

3.) Figlet fonts:

Most of the fonts: (C) by Glenn Chappell
 [for detailed copyright info's view the font file]

Figlet Download:

4.) Knowledgebase:

HTML Tags   : Internet programmers library
Shortcuts   : Smiley directory (and some other)
Smiley      :   "
SpecialChars: Sorry, couldn't remember... may be VK ?
CharCodes   : Meph.

5.) Other:
HTML Import Sample : Allen Mullen, M.D. ,
A.E. Format Sample : Pretty Please '92 (model)
Sample-4a.BMP,...  : Mahria Maxey
Sample-3 .BMP      : Picasso ;)

Character flip     :
The algorithm of the 'character flip' functions and the default 'flip files'
were supplied by cjr. The function based on the 'webflip' JAVAScript:
-- . /\_/\ ( () |_ | |\| _/ |? .\ |\| |) .\ |_ |_ :( a a( CJRandall ' \___") <tHISsIGiStHEoNLYpROMOmYwEBsITEgETSaNYWAY:>
!!! Please send me a mail, if I have forgotten somebody !!!