ASCII Editor Info: #03 Figlet font import

- imports FIGLet Fonts (-V2.1).
- only ASCII characters from 32 to 126 are used.
- control strings are "@" and "$" (ONLY).
- did not check the import files !
- for more options please download FigLet
- for detailed copyright info's view the font file
- Figlet and many of the fonts (C) by Glenn Chappell

Known Problems:

- font files with "@" in the font definition couldn't be read
  (replace it by another character)
- font files with "@" instead of "@@" as character-end definition couldn't be read
  (replace "@" by "@@" ONLY in the last line of a character definition)

If you have a font which isn't displayed correct (and it was no known problem)
please send me a copy.