Regional Marzipan Meeting
                           18th May - 21th May 2000

Why Marzipan ?

The Idea

Luebeck is well kown for three things in the world: the Hanse, its great authors and marzipan. AEGEE-Luebeck decided to devote its first congress to marzipan. But why did we choose this less serious topic? Easy question: only at the first sight it's not so serious - while the great time of the Hanse is over, marzipan is still an important business factor - and far and away the sweetest and with this the loveliest sign for a city. Besides this there is the point, that Aegee-Luebeck decided for the topic marzipan, without forgetting political and cultural aspects of our city - these things will only be covered in a sweet way in because of marzipan.

The congress

Theory and praxis are the mainpoints of this three-days-congress. That means, the participants will not only come to know about this sweet with lectures by competent marzipan-experts - among them an author of books about marzipan. There will be a view into a marzipan factory; and, very important: in a workshop there will be an occasion, that the participants can create theior own marzipan specialtity.
At the opening day will also be parts of lectures about current political points like BalticSeaCooperation of the Baltic states and the lyrical importance of the city of Thomas Mann and Guenter Grass.
And some more cultural aspects: The participants will come to know the city and at the last day Travemuende, our beach.

Why a Regional-Meeting ?

The realization

There is no RegionalMeeting scheduled in the northern region in the next months, except our one.

The congress

The antennaes can discuss a lot about future cooperations and learn from each other about presentation of an own antennae, about creating and improving local and interregional events.

The participants

60 internationale participants from all parts of Europe are expected at this congress.

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